The environment and air quality can be provided as not to exceed the permissible limits by assessing the current air quality in a region or the effects of new plants to be installed in this region. Through analysis of the possible positive or negative environmental effects of the planned projects, the negative effects can be reduced by taking precautionary measures.

The present situation, past or future distributions of air quality, which is very significant in terms of public health, can be modelled with the pollution distribution models. Thus, the air pollution and the possible effects of the power plants and other constructions or the planned constructions, which are the most important problems of the world, can be assessed.

The assessment of every a small or large scaled activity depending on the atmospheric conditions, the investigation and reporting of its effects on the environment are important in terms of sustainability and reliability. Also, the other important issues are to analyze the effects of the activities on the environment (positive / negative), to improve the potential problems, to determine and assess the different options (place, time, technology, etc.) by investigating different solutions, to implement the projects in compliance with the legislation and the environment and to control them regularly.

Having conducted to prevent the negative effects of the industrial and infrastructure facilities planned to be established, modified or improved, or to minimize these effects as not damage to the environment, the investigations form the basis for local or regional planning. The measures to be taken as a result of the studies conducted make a great contribution to the determination and assessment of different options for the ground and the technologies, and to the implementation, monitoring and control of the projects by taking into account their sustainability and reliability.

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